Bake of the week: Sun dried tomato and cheddar scones

SERVED as part of an indulgent afternoon tea, you can’t go far wrong with a perfectly crumbly scone.

This recipe adds a twist to the traditional savoury cheese method, adding tart sun-dried tomatoes for extra texture and bite.

The recipe comes from the award-winning Bad Girl Bakery in the small Highlands town, Muir of Ord – it’s baker Neil’s favourite recipe for scones.

You’ll need:

450g self-raising flour

2 heaped tsp baking powder

75g unsalted butter (softened)

150-200g mature white cheddar

10-12 sun-dried tomatoes (roughly chopped)

2 eggs

280ml whole milk

Couple pinches of flaked sea salt


Blitz the flour, salt, baking powder and butter in a food processor until it’s reached a fine texture.

Pour this mixture into a large bowl.

Crack two eggs into a measuring jug and top with milk up to 280ml. Whisk until smooth.

Add the cheddar and tomatoes into the flour along with the eggs and milk. Leave about 50ml in the the jug to glaze the scones.

Bring together with a teaspoon or something similar until most of the flour has been incorporated into the egg mixture.

Empty this out on to a floured surface and fold the mixture into itself being careful not to over mix it.

Once ready, form a ball shape and roll out gently. Next cut it into the desired shape to form eight to ten portions.

Finish by brushing the scones with the remaining egg mixture and top them with a little cheese and more sun-dried tomatoes if desired.

Bake at 160c for 18-20 minutes until baked through.