New National Museum of Scotland exhibition tells the story of the time when silver was Scotland’s most prized metal

October 11, 2017

A NEW exhibition starting this week at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh shows how, for a millennium, silver, not gold, was Scotland’s most prized metal. Glenmorangie research fellow at the museum, Alice Blackwell, told Bill Gibb the Honest Truth about Scotland’s early silver. What’s the exhibition about and how long has it taken to put together? It tells of the first thousand years of silver in Scotland, when it was the most important precious metal in the country. There has been a full year of designing, organising and writing the accompanying book. It combines new research we’ve done on 19th Century finds as well as from the past few years.


Dementia friendly events in Scotland

May 12, 2017

AS Scotland begins to build inclusive, vibrant dementia friendly communities, events are popping up across the country that are specifically tailored to people who are living with dementia and their companions, carers and family.