Ever wondered what a deep-fried Tunnock’s Teacake looks like?

Tunnocks Teacake (Chris Austin / DC Thomson)
Tunnocks Teacake (Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

THE deep-fried Mars Bar has long been a stereotype of Scottish dietary habits.

But what would happen if you took a traditional Scottish chocolatey treat, the Tunnock’s Teacake, and gave it the full fat treatment?

One man decided to find out… and here’s the result!

(Pete Liddell / Reddit)
(Pete Liddell / Reddit)

Pete Liddell, who posted the image on social sharing site Reddit, labelled his culinary creation the pinnacle of Scottish cuisine.

He told the Sunday Post: “I came up with the idea after misreading a post where someone was taking about a deep-fried Mars Bar and Tunnocks Teacakes and decided it was something I had to try.

“The key to keeping it in shape was to freeze them first as it melts too quickly otherwise.”

The big question, however, is how does it taste?

“I have to admit it tasted much better than I expected and those who tried it were pleasantly surprised!” said Pete.

“It rates amongst the top of the deep fried stuff I’ve done before.”

Reactions to it online were mixed.

One commenter said: “My heart is twitching just looking at this.”

(PeteWTF / Reddit)
(Pete Liddell / Reddit)

Another said: “If this were posted elsewhere with the caption ‘Doctors removed this from my body last night,’ I would have believed it.”

“You’ve gone too far. There’s no stepping back from the abyss now,” added another user.

We’ll have to taste test this one some day!

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