The Sunday Post View: We all have a role to play in helping those most at risk

AT the age of 14, life should be great. Hanging around with your pals, discussing the latest music, and finding some independence as you advance through your teenage years.

For Sarah, featured in our special investigation, 14 was the age where she started selling herself on the streets amid a fog of Class A drugs.

At 14, she was being exploited by older men, only too willing to offer her more drugs – and money – for sex.

Her ordeal happened in Scotland’s biggest city in the 21st Century.

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Sadly, she is not likely to be alone. She is one of a lost family of children brought into the world in the most chaotic of circumstances.

The point of our report is not to simply apportion blame, either to her family or those running the care system.

The point is to raise awareness that, despite all of the efforts of social work and police, some kids are still falling through the cracks.

And when they fall through those cracks, too often they land at the feet of people who are waiting to exploit them.

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We also appreciate that finding answers to the problem isn’t easy given the issue is so complex.

Poverty, drugs, exploitation, a care system straining under the weight of budget cuts.

They all contribute to this tragic and harrowing situation.

What is clear, though, is that we can all have a role to play in trying to help those most at risk.

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It might sound simple but reporting dealers in your area or offering support to kids who might be struggling is a start.

After all, no one would want their Sarah to become trapped in this twilight world.