Meals for Under £10: Try this delicious golden gin and sugar-cured salmon

This week's recipe comes courtesy of Tate and Lyle

WE have something a bit different for today’s recipe. It uses gin, juniper berries and herbs to cure salmon and really add to its flavour.

You need to make this in advance to give the cure time to process. Then serve with rye bread – or your favourite crusty bread – and enjoy.

Remember to pour yourself a glass of your favourite gin and tonic to go perfectly with it, too!

Thanks to Tate & Lyle for this week’s recipe.

You’ll need

500g piece Scottish salmon fillet (skin-on)

55ml gin

10g dill (roughly chopped)

2 rounded tsp fennel seeds

8 juniper berries (crushed)

50g Tate & Lyle Dark Soft Brown Sugar

50g sea salt flakes

1 level tbsp coarsely ground black pepper To serve

Rye bread, butter,

10g of dill & dill pickles


Line a small baking tin with a triple thickness of large sheets of cling film. Lay the salmon, skin side down, on to the cling film and pour over the gin.

In a small bowl mix together the dill, fennel seeds, juniper berries, sugar, and salt and pepper, then spread thickly over the salmon to completely cover.

Wrap tightly in the cling film, cover with another baking tin or a small chopping board and weigh down with some heavy jars or cans.

Refrigerate for 2-4 days to cure, and turn once a day.

To serve, scrape off the curing mixture and discard. To make slicing easier, cut away the skin. Pat the salmon dry with kitchen paper, then sprinkle the top side with the rest of the dill. Cut into thick or thin slices and serve with bread, butter and pickles.