Raw Deal: ‘It was meant to be a special day out with my darling daughter but everything was ruined’

Laura Cartner (right) celebrating her 30th birthday with mum Sadie, and the hotel they had problems with

IT has taken more than five months, but Sadie Cartner has finally received an apology from a seaside hotel for spoiling a special day out with her dying daughter.

In November last year, Sadie, from Mauchline, Ayrshire, booked a girlie day out at the four-star Marine Hotel in Troon.

She wanted to treat 38-year-old Laura to a spa session because she had been seriously ill for 18 months.

In October 2016, when Laura, from Kilmarnock, was about 22 weeks pregnant with twin baby girls, she was hit by vasculitis – a dangerous inflammation of the blood vessels.

After being admitted to hospital, she was put into an induced coma and tragically lost the babies.

Laura survived but was left with weakness in her lungs and she was dependent on oxygen. She also had kidney problems.

As a result, she had put on a lot of weight and was very self-conscious about this.

Sadie contacted the hotel in advance to ensure the bath robes at the spa would be big enough for Laura.

“I phoned prior to our visit and explained the situation,” said Sadie, 59. “I was assured that the robes fitted all.

“I also contacted them by email and a girl called me back to say that the robes were very generous but that she would also speak to the manager about it.

“I assumed all would be in order on the day.” However, when Sadie and Laura arrived at the hotel they discovered Laura’s robe was far too small.

“When we were handed two robes my daughter whispered to me that hers would never fit,” said Sadie.

The women then discovered the lift to the spa suite was out of order and Sadie had to help Laura up the stairs with her portable oxygen equipment.

“The robe didn’t fit so I went back to the reception and was given another exactly the same,” Sadie said. “Mine fitted but I decided not to wear it as it would have made Laura feel even worse as there were six other ladies in the lounge all in robes and slippers.

“If I had been pre-warned about this I would have bought Laura a robe beforehand and taken it with me.

“We went into the spa for our treatments wearing the clothes we arrived in and this completely ruined the experience for both of us.”

A few days later, Sadie emailed the hotel to complain but said she got no response. She sent the same email again in January but again heard nothing back. After the turn of the year Laura’s health deteriorated further and she died on February 9 following a massive stroke.

Sadie refused to give up on her complaint as it was what her daughter would have wanted, she said.

After getting nowhere for several months, she wrote to Raw Deal. We asked the hotel to investigate. Sadie has now received an apology and will also be refunded £89 for the spa treatments.

Colin Richards, the hotel’s general manager, said: “In this instance, it is clear that our usual high standards were not met and the processes we have in place to ensure our customers have a relaxing and enjoyable stay did not work as they should.

“I understand that during such a difficult time we caused upset and distress.

“We have since conducted a full review of our internal systems and processes.”

Sadie said she was pleased to have had her complaint acknowledged and thanked Raw Deal for helping resolve the issue.