Eclipse the dog becomes local celebrity by riding the bus by herself every day

Eclipse the dog sits on a bus
Eclipse the dog sits on a bus

THE daily commute has a reputation for being monotonous, stressful and often full of frustration at transport delays. 

But not so for travellers on a Seattle bus, who are treated to the company of delightful dog Eclipse.

Every day the clever pooch trots out of her house, hops on the bus and travels downtown to the dog park – all by herself.

(Emily Falls)

And yes – that is her bus pass attached to her collar. What an upstanding citizen.

Emily Falls, a regular passenger on the bus, took a snap of Eclipse on her journey. She said: “She usually picks a seat by the window and sits there until her stop, although she sometimes walks around and greets people.”

Eclipse’s efforts to work the crowd seem to be paying off. “People love Eclipse, she’s a sweet dog and brings a smile to everyone’s face,” Emily said. “She’s actually quite famous around Seattle, and most of the bus drivers know who she is.”


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