The animal kingdom’s obesity strategy involves training like an Olympic athlete

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As Team GB’s relentless success at the Rio Olympics attracts the attention of the global media, the rest of the natural world tries to keep pace with the medal winners.

Representatives from the animal kingdom, in particular, have been keen to gain recognition for their athletic abilities.

As each of the creatures below campaign for sports funding, they also demonstrate a simpler obesity strategy to that of today’s humans in the UK.

Some needed a little more motivation than others to begin their exercise regime…

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But others found handy techniques to keep the fitness fever alive

Me and my live problems

Mistakes were made.

Baby elephant

And this chicken clearly thought a GB athlete’s shorts were fair game!

These furry friends weren’t told dance isn’t an Olympic sport yet:

Ever see a gorilla ballerina?

And we didn’t want to risk telling them…

Animals in Complete Astonishement

The professionals even understand the importance of warm down exercises

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If animals of the world can understand how exercise can prevent a dystopian future, can’t we?

Think back to the 1980s, when trophies were more important than what was in the breakfast trough!


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