Glasgow cafe launches Willy Wonka meets Harry Potter pancake for National Jelly Bean Day

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Ever tasted a Willy Wonka meets Harry Potter style pancake with a fascinating flavour that changes with every bite?

Glasgow based cafe chain TriBeCa has come up with what could be the ultimate in weird pancakes to delight your tastebuds this Easter.

Arriving at the Merchant City branch just in time for National Jelly Bean Day on Monday, the concoction takes its inspiration from Harry Potter’s Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean.

TriBeCa have, however, left out some of the less appetising flavours – including vomit, ear wax, farm dirt and bogeys.

Instead you can indulge in making up your own flavours as the restaurant arms you with three pancakes, syrups and a bowl of jelly beans, with flavours ranging from marshmallows all the way through to Strawberry Jam.

TriBeCa’s Colin Drummond said: “Jelly Beans are a big favourite in any respectable American restaurant and we thought we’d celebrate National Jelly Bean Day by encouraging people to make their own pancake by mixing the famous jelly belly beans to make flavours like bubble gum, chocolate pudding, tutti frutti and many more.

“We give you the pancakes,cream, syrup and a bowl of jelly belly beans and every bite with be different.”

The Beantastic Delight will be available at £9.95 on Monday.