Scone Spy: Edinburgh’s Carrubbers Cafe has an intriguing and delicious charm

The apricot and white chocolate scone (Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)
The apricot and white chocolate scone (Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)

Because this gem of a place is friendly, the food is lovely – and the prices are very reasonable, considering it’s central Edinburgh.

In truth, Scone Spy isn’t meant to be on a mission. I’m in Edinburgh for some boring, tedious business.

But, on spotting the blackboard advertising Carrubbers plonked on the Royal Mile, I feel duty calling.

I know you would be disappointed if I walked on by such an intriguing wee place.

It’s down an alleyway. And on finding it, Scone Spy is faced with three doors.

I try one and it’s locked.

Try the next. Locked again.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the other one, daftie. But there’s nothing to let you know that, except the distant sound of soothing music.

Darn it, I try the last door and am transported into a wee haven of tranquillity that seems a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of central Edinburgh.

There are bonny pictures on the wall.

Squashy couches just made for lounging on, taking your time and not thinking about the world.

And a great menu, including hot dish of the day at £3.50.

Today’s is chicken enchiladas.

How I wish I didn’t have that darn business to attend to, because the bloke at the table next to me orders those enchiladas and he looks gleeful as he wolfs the lot down.

I’m more than happy to content myself with a scone, of course.

Especially as they’re as good as can be.

As well as the bog-standard fruit variety – which never gets old, in my world – today there’s white chocolate and apricot.

Now, I’ve had this before, elsewhere. And it was just a bit too sweet.

But I’m nothing if not adventurous and decide to give it another whirl.

I know. I’m wild and crazy that way.

Anyway, I’m glad to report, I made the right choice.

Because it’s a scone with icing on it.

It’s fabulous. Like a cake, scone and bun rolled into one.

The combination of flavours is just right.

Not too sweet, with just the odd hit of apricot and white chocolate here and there.

Strawberry cheesecake anyone?

Posted by Carrubbers Cafe on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I take a quick trip to the rest rooms – cold, but clean – and somehow manage to get lost. I’m faced with all manner of doors again.

When I finally navigate my way back, I could swear the waitress is having a wee laugh at my expense.

I won’t forget this place easily. They serve scones with icing and I seem to have made a total buffoon of myself.

There’s nothing else for it. I cancel that boring business and order the enchiladas.

65 High St, Old Town


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