10 Questions for Only an Excuse star Jonathan Watson

Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson

Only An Excuse – is it acting or impressions?

I’m an actor creating characters and I don’t think of it as doing impressions. The public think if you do comedy you can do stand-up, which I can’t.

The acting role you’ve loved more than any other?

Frank in Bob Servant. Working with Brian Cox was great, and the show has a huge following. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be making any more.

Only An Excuse or Bob Servant?

They’re different things. In one, I’m constantly in and out of characters, in the other I’m allowed to develop just one. I love them both.

Anyone ever impersonated you?

Gregor Fisher says he can do me, but he’s never let me hear it.

Jonathan as Frank McAvennie (Alan Peebles)
Jonathan as Frank McAvennie (Alan Peebles)

The one person you’ve failed to ‘take off’?

Tony Roper and I both tried to do Billy McNeill years ago but neither of us managed.

Biggest disappointment in life?

That my mum didn’t live long enough to see my son Jack being born. He’s planning to get a real job, unlike his dad.

Stage or TV?

Difficult! I guess TV, though I do a stage production every year to get back to the discipline of the theatre.

Comedy or drama?

Comedy. Joining the BBC Comedy Unit made me feel at home after years of trying out all sorts. I’ve just finished a new BBC series called Two Doors Down which starts in February.

Who makes you laugh?

My school pal had all Billy Connolly’s records so I grew up with him, and I remember his breakthrough on Parkinson. I also like Matt Berry who does Toast Of London.

You have 24 hours left to live. How do you spend the time?

Jack and I go skiing once a year so I’d also take my wife with us to get her over her fear of getting on skis. Then I’d be: “Right. What’s next?”

Only An Excuse, BBC 1 Scotland, Hogmanay, 11pm.