Theresa May confirms that she’ll stand down as Conservative party leader before next General Election

Prime Minister Theresa May (Ben Stansall/PA Wire)

THERESA MAY has confirmed that she’ll stand down as leader of the Conservatives before the next General Election.

The Prime Minister, who won a vote of confidence in her leadership of the party by 200 votes to 117 last night, said she would not lead the party into the 2022 vote.

She told the BBC: “I’ve said that in my heart I would love to be able to lead the Conservative Party into the next General Election but I think it is right that the party feels that it would prefer to go into that election with a new leader.”

When asked if she had a departure date in mind,┬áMrs May said no, adding: “I think it’s right that another party leader takes us into that General Election.”

Whether or not that election takes place in 2022 or sooner is yet to be seen.

While Mrs May cannot, under Tory party rules, be subject to a no confidence vote from her party again for another year, she could face a confidence vote in Parliament.

Labour say they’ll table a no-confidence motion when they feel they have a chance of winning it and forcing an early election.