Sponsored: Lottoland Offers Alternative to Winning the Lottery

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/lotto-lottery-ticket-bill-profit-484782/Pixabay
Source: https://pixabay.com/en/lotto-lottery-ticket-bill-profit-484782/Pixabay

HOW the lottery works is no great mystery.

A player purchases a ticket, chooses their combination of numbers and sits back to watch the draw. If someone has chosen well, they win money.

If multiple people have chosen the winning numbers, the prize is shared. If nobody wins, the jackpot rolls over to the following draw.

The organisation that runs the lottery, typically either the government or a company licensed by the government, receives a share of the revenue, with the remainder going into a dividend pool. It’s a very easy-to-understand model. However, that’s not all there is to playing the lottery.


A different way to play

For anyone who has played the National Lottery for some time, however, the format may have become somewhat stale. They may just feel like a change is needed to how the game is approached. Enter Lottoland: a website that gives lottery fans an opportunity to place a bet on the outcome of the draw. This is clearly an altogether different approach to buying a lottery ticket from a lottery operator.

While it’s a different way of playing the lottery, the objective remains the same: to win money. If you’re correct in your bet and you predict the winning numbers, you’ll be paid by Lottoland. In each instance, Lottoland matches the amount offered by the lottery; so you’d walk away with every penny that you would as if you had bought the winning lottery ticket.


Bet on any lottery

Because of how it works, Lottoland allows its customers to bet on various lotteries; not just in the UK and Europe, but worldwide. As playing at Lottoland isn’t entering the draw as such, you can always choose to play a lottery that’s not normally accessible to you. There are literally dozens of lotteries listed on the Lottoland website. This means that anybody outside of the UK can place a bet on the UK lottery online, and vice versa. US Powerball can offer jackpots worth more than USD$1billion and the EuroMillions jackpots frequently run into hundreds of millions of pounds. That’s a great advantage for those who’ve grown tired of playing the same lottery each week.

The site also offers an opportunity to join a syndicate. This is where Lottoland really comes into its own. You can access the website either on your desktop or laptop or through an app on a mobile device. The app is free to download. Whichever format you prefer, the software makes placing your bet a simple and straightforward process.



The navigation provides links to all of the pages that you’d want, and the software behind the website is frequently updated, so you’re unlikely to experience such issues as slow gameplay or being timed out.

Lottoland is certainly a different way to predict the lottery draw and win prizes. There are numerous lotteries available, and the website is user-friendly and simple to use. With the great bonus currently on offer, it’s a great time to get involved.

Backed by a professional organisation, Lottoland is also fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, with its head office based in Gibraltar.