Oor Wullie marks 80 years since first appearance in The Sunday Post

Oor Wullie has changed a bit over the years!

Today is the 80th anniversary of Oor Wullie and The Broons’ first appearances in The Sunday Post’s Fun Section.

To celebrate, we’re looking back on what they’ve been getting up to over the years.

We start off with loveable scamp Oor Wullie, first brought to life by Dudley D. Watkins in 1936.

Wullie and his gang have been keeping boredom at bay for decades in the typical Scottish town of Auchenshoogle.

The rascal has become an icon sitting on an upturned bucket in his famous dungarees as he plans the latest pranks and japes.

And all in broad Scots with his famous sayings ‘Jings!’, ‘Crivvens!’ and ‘Help Mah Boab!’.

Fat Bob, Soapy Soutar, Wee Eck, Primrose (and don’t forget Jeemy the mouse) all join in the fun, with Wullie’s Ma, Pa and poor old PC Murdoch also playing starring roles.

Some famous faces have appeared in the strip over the years including Nicola Sturgeon, Ewan McGregor, Andy Murray and Amy Macdonald.

A 2004 survey voted Wullie ‘Scotland’s Favourite Son’, beating William Wallace, Sean Connery and Rabbie Burns in the top four – and it’s easy to see why.

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Tomorrow: The Broons through the ages

Wullie through the ages – he’s Oor Wullie, Your Wullie, A’body’s Wullie!

1936: Wullie’s first ever appearance in the Fun Section

Oor Wullie 1938-03-08

1936: I get nae fun at a’! 

Wullie - March 1936


1939: Wullie sits on his famous bucket

Wullie - 1939

1940: Wullie gets his own annual – first editions are now worth thousands


1949: A rare glimpse of a well-groomed Wullie 

Wullie - 1949 polished

1950: The bucket remains an iconic accessory

Wullie - 1950

1954: Wullie covers up the famous dungarees with a stylish coat!

Wullie - 1954 coat

1968: He’s even been known to sport a kilt (although he doesn’t seem too happy about it…)

Wullie - 1968 kilt

1968: This fashion choice wasn’t well received either…

Wullie - 1968 shorts

1991: Wullie’s had a few braw days in his time

Wullie - 1991 KHH

2013: Ewan McGregor is an old pal of PC Murdoch’s!


2014: Singer Amy Macdonald gets Wullie’s approval!


2014: And he’s supporting Andy Murray too… well, the bucket is


2015: Scotland’s First Minister visits Auchenshoogle



2015: Wullie embraces modern technology – on an airboard!

(Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)
(Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)

2016: Wullie has now been honoured with a statue in Dundee city centre

Oor Wullies! (Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)
(Andrew Cawley / DC Thomson)

Watch the statue unveiling:

Dundee now has a statue in honour of Oor Wullie!

Watch the unveiling of the brand new Oor Wullie statue in Dundee today!Read all about it here: bit.ly/1UIk8DS

Posted by The Sunday Post on Saturday, 5 March 2016

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