Ibiza trip changed Still Game star Jane McCarry’s life forever

Still Game actress Jane McCarry shares her favourite holiday experiences.

“My dad was a train driver and used to get free passes, so our holidays tended to be anywhere we could get to by railway.

“For a few years we went to a wee place in France where we got a caravan and there was a real sense of community.

“Everybody seemed to go back to the same place and we’d always meet up. I think there’s something special about the experience of being on a train.

“It’s great when you get on a plane and a couple of hours later you’re there. But I love travelling by train, the people you meet at stations and share a journey with.

“When my boys are a bit older I’d like to do that with them.

“But there’s no doubt about the most special place. That has to be Ibiza, because I met my husband and we got together in the weirdest of circumstances.

“It was 1989. He was with a big group and I was with my friend, Julie.

“I lived in King’s Park in Glasgow and he lived down the road in Rutherglen but there was nothing in it really, just enjoying each other’s company.

“But I was out with Julie one day and a label from a suitcase blew by. I put my foot on it thinking someone may have lost their case.

“It turned out it was Robert’s, with his name, address and phone number on it. It was such a crazy coincidence as it was miles away from where the hotels were.

“Julie said we should all meet up when we got back to Glasgow. We’ve been together ever since and I still have that label so it was a life-changing holiday.

“Mark Cox (Tam in Still Game) and I went to the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi to do a Burns Supper.

“It was fabulous and the people were so warm and friendly. It was fascinating to see what they did at the Embassy.

“Mark tried to upgrade us to business class going over because he said I was a stone overweight and needed a bigger seat.

“I told him to sling his hook _ I think pot and kettle were the words!

“It was a real adventure as when I go on holiday it’s usually economy and a three-star hotel package.

“The people over there also invited us to do another one next February in Oman, so it was all really special.”