No rum or raisin to Facebook ‘boozy’ ice-cream ban

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It’s a delicious treat enjoyed by children of all ages but Facebook reckons some ice cream needs an 18-certificate.

The social networking site has banned award-winning Scots caf Visocchi’s from posting adverts promoting rum and raisin and Bailey’s flavoured ice creams.

Facebook’s wafer-thin excuse for putting the ad on ice is their claim it breaks booze promotion guidelines.

That’s despite the fact the Dundee caf’s produce doesn’t contain alcohol.

But someone at Facebook obviously has a mint chocolate chip on their shoulder the offending ad was returned to Visocchi’s with a message stating: “Your Post wasn’t promoted because it violates Facebook’s ad guidelines by promoting alcohol products to people who are not of legal drinking age.”

It’s a decision that clearly lacks “rum” or reason. Many insist Facebook has “cone” too far.

Visocchi’s Marco Caira said: “We couldn’t believe it. The ice creams don’t even contain alcohol the manufacturing process means it all evaporates. It’s just the flavour that’s left.

“It gave us a right laugh so we thought we’d post Facebook’s response so everyone else could have a chuckle too.”

Visocchi’s Facebook followers were quick to voice support for their favourite caf.

Recognising the networking site had inadvertently given The Sunday Post a “scoop”, Jackie Laird said: “Ha ha! Any publicity is good.”

Meanwhile Mary Campbell Kiddie posted: “Love it! Visocchi’s Caf is now a speakeasy.”

Claudia Cook, however, struck a more serious tone: “Oh dear they allow beheadings and naked bodies but ice cream is banned?”