Indy ref unionist group release No vote video

Unionist campaigners are aiming to storm the charts with a song urging a No vote.

The haunting chorus of ‘Why Build Another Wall?’ is performed by a newly formed group, Vote No Borders, and based on Auld Lang Syne.

The three-minute self funded number is supported by an online video starring 82-year-old RAF veteran Jimmy Cooney.

Mr Cooney, of Edinburgh, said: “Independence? I’ve been independent my whole life. It happens in your own head, not in a ballot box.”

Two singers Molly Maher and Caroline Hendry feature on the single, alongside performers from both England and Wales.

Molly said: “As musicians, we wish to empower people to feel they can vote without feeling pressure from their communities, family or friends.

“I believe Scotland already has a unique identity which can continue to grow if we remain part of the UK.”

The video supporting the three-minute song shows “voters” building a wall between Scotland and England.

Why Build Another Wall?’ follows the release of a pro-independence parody video introducing mock no voter ‘Lady Alba’.