Raw Deal: Fans at Rod Stewart concert moved from front row seats to not being able to see the stage

Rod Stewart (Raphael Dias/Getty Images)
Rod Stewart (Raphael Dias/Getty Images)

IF you were a big Rod Stewart fan and had paid for the best seats in the house at his concert, you’d expect to be able to see the great man when he was on stage.

Emma Dalton, of Canonbie in Dumfriesshire, and her boyfriend Chris Grant paid £190 for front row seats to see Rod at Carlisle United FC’s stadium on June 21.

However, when they arrived at Brunton Park they were told their seats had to be reallocated as they were too close to the show-closing fireworks display.

After a lot of standing waiting with other people who had should have been in the front row, they were shown to alternative seats. To say the view was restricted is an understatement.

They were at the side, behind the speakers stack. They couldn’t even see the stage!

Do ya think I’m sexy? Well, it’s difficult to tell from the replacement seats
Do ya think I’m sexy? Well, it’s difficult to tell from the replacement seats

After much complaining to stewards they were moved to seats further back in the arena, although this was half an hour into Rod’s set.

It was even difficult to see from the new seats as everyone was standing up.

Emma and Chris reckoned they’d had a raw deal. They complained via email and Facebook message to event organisers Cuffe And Taylor, based in Preston.

But Cuffe And Taylor proved difficult to deal with. It didn’t answer emails or messages.

Raw Deal wrote and emailed, but it wouldn’t speak to us either. First it said it had no record of a complaint from a Claire Dalton (we quickly pointed out that Emma’s name is Emma), then said it would only deal with Emma directly.

But Emma had already contacted it. To date, Emma has had no refund and no apology.

She and Chris are going to Rod’s concert at The Hydro on December 16. They hope to be able to see him this time.


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