The bands you wanted to see in our ultimate nostalgia reunion line-up

No New Kids On The Block in this unlikely reunion cast list.

With the news that American boy band New Kids On The Block are to tour with 90s outfit TLC and rapper Nelly, we asked on Facebook which bands would you like to see reunite?

We expected plenty of suggestions for famous outfits, but with so many already back on the road we ended up with a pretty diverse set of responses.

Here’s the eclectic reunion line-up we were offered.

Senga Mcmath asked for the Bay City Rollers.

What a great start to our line-up and probably the act that should headline the whole show.

In truth we could have stopped here. Hearing Shang-A-Lang, Saturday Night and Bye Bye Baby would be worth the admission fee alone with anything else as a bonus.

But there’s still plenty more to come on this reunion tour…

Louise Lumsden demanded The Dooleys.

The Dooleys was a new experience for some of our younger staff members, but we could all see where Louise was coming from.

The Dooles, comprising of six family members and two friends, were a big deal in the 1970s.

But by the early 80s their popularity waned and they were never heard of again until they did reform in 2006 for a one-off gig in South Africa.

Louise must have missed that we certainly did.

So seeing them back on stage for another nostalgia trip would be ideal.

You might say it’s ‘wanted’!

Our reporter Kieran Westbrook demanded that Moloko reform.

By far the youngest band in our line-up, rising to fame most of the others had fallen from the limelight.

Kieran could only name two of their songs when pushed, but fair play to him – he knew every word.

Pioneering Scottish band Cocteau Twins were top of David J. Mutch’s wishlist.

He also asked for Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, so we’ve dutifully obligued.

Both get the nod in our line-up.

Cocteau Twins

Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

And closing our alternative reunion line-up: Strawberry Switchblade.

They’re the perfect band to close the show Scottish, from the 80s, and both edgy and upbeat.

Thanks for the suggestion Fiona Thomson.

Beat that, New Kids On The Block!

If you have any suggestions of bands to join this prestigious line-up, let us know below or on Facebook.