Scone Spy: Dunbar’s Graze Coffee House more than lives up to expectations

Graze Coffee House in Dunbar (Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

THAT’S the thing with expectations, you expect things.

Yes, I know that’s blindingly obvious. I just mean that if you pop into somewhere without thinking very much about it and it turns out great, it’s a real bonus.

But if the bar is raised before you even go in, it’s a different kettle of fish. Or bake of scones.

Is that the name for a collection of scones?

Anyway, Graze in Dunbar is a case in point. The Coffee & Chocolate House is positively groaning under the weight of positive accolades.

Just a few months ago owners Lorraine and Martin, who set it up in 2007, saw it awarded coffee shop of the year, south east, in the Scottish Independent Retail Awards.

High praise indeed.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)
(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

We’ve spent a pleasant morning wandering around the lovely East Lothian town.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day and down at the harbour there’s a mix of tranquillity and activity. A couple of fishing boats have their engines still rumbling rhythmically as the crewmen tend to their craft.

And the old castle is backlit brilliantly, with the RNLI flag fluttering in the gentle breeze.

There’s little going on but much to see.

Now, though, hungry and with those high expectations we’ve headed for Graze.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)
(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

You can’t miss it – oh how often we’ve heard that and missed it by a mile – as it’s right in the middle of the high street.

There are three different sections to the coffee shop.

One at the front with high tables, one through the back with a glass case full of fantastic-looking home baking and the light green-walled middle one where we settle.

There’s a bit of Rod Stewart playing quietly in the background and a floor-to-ceiling blackboard displaying specials – chocolate lumpy bumpy cake among them.

Toasted Belgian waffles, afternoon tea and birthday cupcakes are three “favourites” highlighted on the website.

But as we’re still comfortably mid-morning, brekkie fare it is. There’s a separate menu and frankly everything looks yummy.

After some deliberation we settle on the French toast with grilled bacon and maple syrup, a bacon roll doubled up with scrambled egg and a toasted waffle. All tasted as good as they sounded.

The scones, all just out of the oven, came in a choice of plain, fruit, cheese and date and walnut.

Good old fruit was our pick and we weren’t disappointed. Irregular, all leaning to one side, raisins sticking out hither and thither and absolutely fabulous with the butter and jam in little glass ramekins.

With drinks it was about £17 for the lot.

Great expectations? Met!

Warm Welcome 9/10  Location, Location 9/10  Scone Score 10/10

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