The world’s most expensive fish finger sandwich created to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday

The Fish Finger sandwich (PA)
The Fish Finger sandwich (PA)

YOU could be mistaken in thinking that the simple fish finger sandwich, built from doughy white bread with a sliver of butter and red sauce, is the greatest thing to grace our dear Earth since sliced bread was first invented.

Birds Eye have created a recipe for the world’s most expensive fish finger sandwich, in celebration of The Queen’s 90th birthday. A notable extravagance suitable for the most extravagant of events.

Creator of the most expensive fish finger sandwich
(Birds Eye)

Produced by Birds Eye head chef Peter Lack, the sandwich – which is valued at £187 – contains the world’s most luxurious ingredients including salmon caviar, saffron mayonnaise and edible gold leaf, to complement Birds Eye’s limited edition ‘Cod Save The Queen’ fish fingers.

Most expensive fish finger sandwich
(Birds Eye/PA)

A fish finger sandwich – in a statistic that I just completely made up – is clumsily thrown together 90% of the time whilst the consumer is experiencing a hangover.

Would you spend £187 on a sandwich on a hangover? Of course you would.


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