Natasha Raskin has never been so busy with FIVE TV shows to juggle

Natasha Raskin (Barrie Marshall / DC Thomson)
Natasha Raskin (Barrie Marshall / DC Thomson)

IF you miss Natasha Raskin in an antiques show, don’t worry – she’ll be along in another along shortly.

Glasgow-based Natasha appears in no fewer than FIVE different shows.

And she’s told iN10 how she’s had to give up the full-time day job to fit in her telly career.

Natasha Raskin (Barrie Marshall / DC Thomson)
Natasha Raskin (Barrie Marshall / DC Thomson)

For What It’s Worth is the new addition to a busy schedule that also includes Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Flog It! and Bargain Hunt.

“It’s been amazing,” said Natasha. “Four of us have signed as the permanent presenters replacing Tom Wonnacott on Bargain Hunt.

“And I have the two Road Trip shows as well as Flog It! and now For What It’s Worth.

“All of a sudden, my diary has filled with TV work and I’ve had to go freelance with McTears Auctioneers – I was so busy it wasn’t fair to continue being an employee and I’m now a gun for hire.”

The new series of antiques-based game show For What It’s Worth starts tomorrow and Natasha, 29, says the producers have rung the changes.

It’s now filmed in front of an audience at the BBC’s Salford Quays studios. And as she dips her toe ever more fully into the TV world, Natasha says there’s no better person to learn from than presenter Fern Britton.

“Fern’s the queen of the autocue,” laughs Natasha. “It’s brilliant to watch her.

“The rest of us hadn’t really done studio stuff before but Fern makes it all look effortless.

“You forget that she has an earpiece in and is listening to about a dozen conversations while still chatting away to us without missing a thing.

“I’ve loved having the studio element this time and the show has fitted right into the daytime schedule.”

For What It’s Worth BBC1, Mon-Fri, 2.15pm


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