Actress Kim Allan’s maw is proud her daughter is playing Maggie in The Broons stageshow!

The Broons play
The Broons play

THE BROONS actress Kim Allan says she’s living her mum’s dream by playing Maggie in the hit new stage show.

The rising star, who has appeared in BBC hit One Of Us and US series Outlander, says the fictional family has been a huge part of her and mum Anne’s lives.

“My mum used to read me the annuals and I’ve never known The Broons not to be in my life,” said Kim, who studied acting at Motherwell College.

“Mum always wanted to be Maggie, so she was over the moon when I told her I had the role.

The cast of The Broons (David Hutchinson)
The cast of The Broons (David Hutchinson)

“She was there on the official opening night and loved it. She was so excited.”

The show kicked off in Perth last week and the audiences seemed to enjoy it just as much as the cast.

“It’s really special to be involved in something like this,” Kim said.

“The audiences are joining in with the songs and jumping in on the catchphrases, like ‘jings, crivens, help ma boab!’

“The Broons are close to people’s hearts and it’s such a big show, so there’s pressure to make these well-known characters that everyone loves become three-dimensional people.

“I think the cast has all bonded because of that and we’re having such a great time. It’s a really good laugh and one of the most fun shows I’ve been involved in.”

Kim’s character is central to the play’s plot. When Maggie announces she’s getting married, it makes the rest of Maw and Paw’s kids look at what their own futures could hold.

“My character is the catalyst for what goes on in the story. Maggie’s announcement makes all the kids question what they are still doing at home and what they want to do with their lives. But by no means is she the lead character – it’s a massive ensemble.”

Veteran Scottish acting talent including Still Game’s Paul Riley, Joyce Falconer from River City, Maureen Carr and Kern Falconer play Paw, Maw, The Bairn and Granpaw respectively, alongside rising talent like Tyler Collins as Hen.

“You learn a lot working with people like that,” Kim said. “It’s fantastic.

“We’ve quickly become a big family off the set, too.

“My best friend is Tyler, so it’s great to be working with him.

“I did my first show with him at Cumbernauld Theatre when I came out of college five years ago. We never thought we would get to work together on a show like this.

“It’s been hectic, mad and lots and lots of fun – and we’re just getting started!”

The tour moves on to Inverness tomorrow, and then Kirkcaldy, Stirling, Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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