Cop calls suit River City star Robin Laing just fine!

It’s a fair cop for Scots actor Robin Laing. When he’s not playing a telly copper…he’s playing a telly copper!

Robin is a River City regular as DI Donald and he had a busman’s holiday when Waterloo Road came calling during the summer.

“I ended up in uniform for their final series,” Robin, 38, revealed.

“They asked me to play a policeman dad of one of the kids. So a beard was hastily grown and my hair was darkened.

“I don’t think I’ve got the build to be a real-life cop but if I’ve become the go-to guy for Scottish TV cops then I’m happy. I’ll take that niche!”

This week sees Robin’s DI hoping for good news about his promotion when he’s called in to see the assistant chief constable.

But it’s anything but that, with the DCI’s post going elsewhere.

And his mood isn’t improved when he finds Frank could be released through lack of evidence.

“It’s all a sore one to take,” admits Robin.

Dundee-born Robin also featured in acclaimed film Filth alongside James McAvoy.

“James is a lovely fella,” says Robin.

“I had worked with him previously but I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years so it was nice to catch up. James is one of those guys that what you see is what you get.

“He’s a nice, generous soul who just likes having fun. He’s obviously gone global, but he’s really appreciative of how lucky he is.”

Robin says his cameo in the film was hailed by many who saw it as a “little ray of camp sunshine” among the heavyweight material.

And he teases there’s plenty more from DI Donald coming up, with an insight into the copper’s background in 2015.

River City, BBC1 Scotland, Tuesday 8pm.