Meet Tripod, the three legged lamb who could be fitted with a 3D-printed leg

Tripod, the three legged lamb from Skye (Gordon Willoughby)
Tripod, the three legged lamb from Skye (Gordon Willoughby)

But when it comes to frolicking across the fields of her Skye croft home with her woolly chums, Tripod the lamb has barely got a leg to stand on.

For she was born with just three legs – two back legs and a single front leg.

And while it might make gambolling in the spring sunshine a bit of a challenge, having just three legs could be the luckiest thing to happen to little Tripod.

For instead of eventually facing the lamb chop and heading to market, her owners have now decided her three legs make her too special not to keep.

Tripod has become an internet star after crofter’s son Euan MacDonald, 18, put a picture of her on Facebook.

It immediately prompted pleas from around the country for her to be spared, with some people even planning trips to Skye just to see her, and others calling for her to be fitted with an 3D-printed artificial leg.

Now crofter Ivor MacDonald, 56, has decided Tripod deserves a lucky break.

“She’s looking like she might end up as a pet. I don’t think we could take her to market or use her for breeding either.

“So having three legs might have saved her life.”


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