Readers’ letters: As you get older…

The Beatles pop group, left to right, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison (PA)
The Beatles pop group, left to right, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison (PA)

Last week’s feature about getting old struck a chord with so many of our readers and we loved reading your own ideas about what becoming older means to you.

Here are a selection of our favourites.

You remember getting ice on the INSIDE of house windows.
Marian Young, by email.

You realise that Mhairi Black was only 14 at the start of the banking crisis and she is now your MP! Auld? Fossil, more like!
Colin Stewart, Dundee.

SNP MP Mhairi Black (PA)
SNP MP Mhairi Black (PA)

Your bathroom cabinet, which once held luxury toiletries and beauty products, is now overflowing with toilet rolls and medicines.
Mary Cook, by email.

Just lately I know I’m getting VERY old because teenagers don’t annoy me any more, I am amused by their antics and I think oh well unfortunately they will soon have to grow up!
I find myself admiring their clothes, shoes and hairstyles and remembering how I felt as a 15-year-old-teenager in 1964, when I had my hair cut in a Vidal Sassoon style and my dad said I would be blind by the time I was 20! My skirts were so short I had to wear matching knickers. I remember people tutting when my boyfriend kissed me in the street. And the older generation hated the music I liked such as The Who and The Rolling Stones etc.
Margaret Gibb, Burntisland.

The bus driver no longer shakes his head in disbelief when he looks at your bus pass and he lowers the step to help you get on!
Ann Farmer, Edinburgh.

The youngsters are learning about The Beatles and the 1960s in their history lessons. I grew up with The Beatles and other great groups and they are the soundtrack to my childhood.
Ian Black, Falkirk.

You need heavy duty toenail clippers!
Anne Paterson, Inverness.

Just the thought of going up the stairs is a wee bit tiring.
George Smith, Lanark.

You need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.
Peter McPhee, Dundee.

…And you go to the toilet before you go out. Just in case.
Annie Clark, Dunfermline.


It’s true. You realise youth really is wasted on the young. They don’t realise what they’ve got – until it’s gone!
Jimmy Harrison, County Durham.

You used to be told to drink up all the milk before it went off. My family didn’t have a fridge back then.
Ian Buchanan, Edinburgh.

You realise you wouldn’t go back to being a teenager for all the money in the world.
Maureen Hamilton, Glasgow.

You look back to when you thought you knew it all – and realise you actually knew next to nothing!
G. Higgins.

Those leaflets selling strange gadgets that drop out of your Sunday papers start to look quite interesting!
Kirsty Cochrane, by email.

You’ve got your key ready well before you’re near home.
D. Kelly.


You’re the only person in the whole block who thinks everyone should take a turn doing the stairs .
Mrs Miggy McLaggan, Aberdeen.

When it’s windy, you still worry that your bin lid will blow off, until you remember you now have six bins and all of them have attached lids.
B. Strachan, Perthshire.

You have no idea where all the clothes hangers in your house came from.
Mrs E. Macpherson, Gourock.


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