Margaret Clayton: Coleen Rooney can hold her head high, regardless of what she decides to do

Coleen Rooney (PA)

COLEEN ROONEY faces the biggest decision of her life.

Whether to end her nine-year marriage to husband Wayne who humiliated her last week in the old familiar way by drinking too much, being stupid and predictably getting caught.

Wayne was said to be “ogling 29-year-old Laura Simpson’s breasts” in a nightclub before driving her home in her car and then being charged by police on a drink-driving offence.

Like the soap opera their life has become, a pregnant Coleen who was on holiday in Majorca with their three sons, flew home to confront her husband.

What a showdown that must have been.

Coleen is a feisty 31-year-old Liverpudlian who has stood by her man through thick and thin, raised their kids Kai, Klay and Kit to be polite little boys, set up profitable businesses in fashion design, exercise DVDs and books earning herself a cool £15 million, so she’s nobody’s fool.

But what should she do?

The fact is she has known Wayne since she was 16 years old. They love each very much. Their family mean everything to them. She is pregnant with their fourth child.

No doubt he is contrite and ashamed and blames the booze.

But can Coleen ever trust him again and more importantly does she want to?

It’s not the first time Wayne has fallen from grace. He was reported to have cheated on her in 2010 when she was pregnant with Kai.

No doubt like so many wives she warned him that time – if it ever happens again, we’re finished. But the trouble is that for some men, when the heady cocktail of an absent wife/a boozy night and an interested female are mixed – stupidity takes over.

They are ego-driven. They may be ageing, their careers might not be quite as successful as they once were, but a flirty female who hangs on their every word, laughs at their jokes and makes them feel good, is irresistible. Like many woman before her, she is faced with the fact she has been let down by the man she has loved and supported all her life. She is carrying his child. He has humiliated her yet again.

My guess is that because they have loved each other for so long and because she’s a strong woman, a devoted mum and family means everything to her – she won’t give up on their life together. She’s not a quitter. But she’s not a walkover either.

If she stays with Wayne, it will be on her terms.

Coleen, there are countless women today who are rooting for you and hope that you make the choice that is right for you.

One thing is sure. You can come out of this with your head held high.

Wayne is quite another matter. His skill may be in his boots, but when he hangs those up for the last time what has he left?

It could be nothing.