Will Emma Stone Land herself more La La awards?

Emma Stone (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
Emma Stone (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

LA LA LAND has already picked up seven Golden Globes — which is more than any other film in history — as well as five BAFTAs.

Will that guarantee success at this weekend’s Oscars, though?

Well, not necessarily, but things do look particularly promising for the Damien Chazelle flick, which is a throwback to the days of those wonderful Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies.

In addition to those Golden Globes and BAFTAs, the movie won the Darryl F Zanuck Award for theatrical motion pictures production at the Producers Guild Awards.

In seven out of the past eight years, the winner of that award has gone on to claim Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

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Oscars triumph seems highly likely for the film, but for its star Emma Stone — who picked up the Best Actress BAFTA — the real test of its winning potential is that her mum has said it’s her favourite of all of her movies.

“If it’s my mum’s favourite, it must be OK — she’s picky,” Emma — who plays Mia — says with a laugh.

“Reading the script, I definitely felt inspired and struck by it.

“You always hope when you’re making a movie, or telling a story, that it will affect people in the way it affected you.

“It’s very exciting, it’s wonderful.”

Set in Los Angeles in the modern day, but with the feel of musicals of an era long gone, La La Land is the story of struggling artists, Mia and Sebastian, who’s played by Ryan Gosling.

“Los Angeles is an interesting place and it’s definitely an interesting industry,” says Emma.

“This film made me appreciate the parts I hadn’t really experienced in quite a while.

“The idea of telling this really modern story, but in a 1950s-style musical version of today’s Los Angeles, became something really exciting to me very quickly.”

Emma was able to draw on personal experience to play Mia, as she knows what it feels like to be a struggling artist.

“There were times I wasn’t being sent to auditions, and my agent would stop sending me because I wasn’t getting enough call-backs,” she said.

“That was almost harder than the rejection in the audition room, because when you’re not even getting the opportunity, it can be really challenging,” she admits.

Those days, she must be relieved and thrilled to see, are definitely a thing of the past for her, with more awards success looking very likely.

With that said, Emma’s just taking it all in her stride and not counting her chickens before they’re hatched.

“I see it mainly as an honour and lots of fun,” says Emma on being nominated. “I try not to take it as too much pressure.

“It’s just a lovely thing and very exciting.”

Emma is up for Best Actress, co-star Ryan Gosling will be hoping to take home the statuette for Best Actor, and the film is included in the Best Motion Picture category, plus another 11 groups.

A spanner in the works could be the fact that you’re not supposed to be able to win Best Picture without a nomination for Best Ensemble from the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

La La Land didn’t receive such a nomination . . .

However, the film is still very much favourite to leave on the night with the Best Picture trophy.

If it does top that category, it will be the first winner since 1996’s Braveheart to triumph, despite being ignored by the SAG.

La La Land fans needn’t worry, as many have argued that the SAG simply didn’t see it as an ensemble effort, with the spotlight on just Mia and Sebastian.