Whisky galore is a pricey treat! Salvaged sunken Scotch fetches fortune at auction

Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore

A half-bottle of sunken Scotch salvaged from the Whisky Galore! ship SS Politician fetched £2250 at auction in Edinburgh.

The Ballantine’s whisky was one of thousands packed in cases on board the ship when it ran aground in a gale near the island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides, in 1941.

The story was immortalised by Compton Mackenzie in his 1947 novel Whisky Galore!

The tale also inspired a 1949 Ealing Comedy, recently remade starring Gregor Fisher.

The half-bottle, sold at Bonhams’ Whisky Sale in Edinburgh, was salvaged from the wreck of the ship by a diver in 1989.

It was bought by a private collector.