Whisky business: Distillery creates ‘Tomatin Route 501’ for ultimate Scottish dram tour

TOMATIN DISTILLERY have gone the extra mile and given the famous North Coast 500 route a unique whisky theme.

The company have created the Tomatin Route 501 to give whisky fans an opportunity to bring to life the limited edition ‘Five Virtues’ series of whiskies.

The route takes in stunning Scottish landscapes that reflect the elements and names of the five single malt whiskies – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

To mark the launch of the Tomatin Route 501 last week, the Highland distillery challenged North Blog adventurer Tristan Cameron-Harper to experience and capture the best of the new route.

Tomatin Route 501 – Water

The explorer sampled Scotland’s national drink at some of Scotland’s most picturesque locations and took on challenges along the North Coast 500 to celebrate the whisky series.

North blogger Cameron-Harper engaged with each of these elements at some of Scotland’s most famous beauty spots, including: Inverewe Gardens, Kildonan Burn, Smoo Cave and Fairy Glen Falls.

Referred to as Scotland’s answer to America’s Route 66, the route has attracted an additional 29,000 visitors and an additional £29 million in its first year to the Highlands.

2016 saw a record 1.7 million people visit distilleries north of the border, with the largest proportion of visitors coming from Germany, Scotland and other parts of the UK, the USA and France.

Tristan Cameron Harper

Jennifer Masson, Tomatin Marketing Manager, said, “Scotland was recently voted the world’s most beautiful country and we hope that visitors will follow our alternative Route 501 and experience some of the country’s idyllic scenery, as well as its most famous export.”

To celebrate the complexity of flavours embodied by each distinct expression in the whisky series, Cameron-Harper had a go at some quirky tasks, including glassblowing and panning for gold.

Tristan Cameron-Harper said: “Being able to interact with the Scottish landscape while enjoying a nip of one of the Five Virtue whiskies adds a whole new level to the whisky tasting experience.

“It heightens your appreciation of the whisky itself, bringing out a range of tasting notes and complexity of character I’ve never before experienced.”

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