Watch: Meerkats have a cracking time at Edinburgh Zoo

IT’S a meer-y Christmas for a group of meerkats at Edinburgh Zoo.

Keepers have treated the cute critters to a festive surprise this December.

 The residents of Meerkat Plaza received a giant Christmas cracker, stuffed full of goodies.


Alison Maclean, Team Leader for Carnivores at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo said: “It’s always fun to usher in the holiday season by giving our animals some Christmas themed enrichment.

“Meerkats are very inquisitive so they really enjoy exploring all the different enrichment we place in their enclosure. The cracker was no exception!


“They seemed to really enjoy popping their head out of the cracker and getting at all their treats.”

The huge Christmas cracker is part of the ‘giant’ theme at Edinburgh Zoo, which also includes the stunning Giant Lanterns of China installation which is on display until 25th February 2018.


RZSS Edinburgh Zoo has a dedicated enrichment team that integrates five different types of enrichment into the animals’ lives, including environmental, habitat, sensory, food and social enrichment.

Visitors can also donate special animal-friendly toys to the Zoo, via the Zoo’s Amazon wishlist:

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