Watch: Agnes and Jodie explain why dementia friendly events are so important

GLASGOW Film Theatre (GFT) recently kicked off their dementia friendly screening program, Movie Memories, thanks to funding from Life Changes Trust.

Here, Agnes Houston and Jodie Wilkinson chat about how the project came about, how it developed and what it means for Agnes to be able to enjoy films with her husband.

Agnes is a member of the Scottish Dementia Alumni, and also an advisor for the GFT. Jodie is the pubic engagement officer at the cinema in Glasgow.

The GFT program has been specially designed for people living with dementia, their family, carers, and friends.

As the pair explain, they came together and the project evolved with Agnes’ help.

It was a real team effort, with Jodie telling Agnes that their relationship was so special because it involved:”You telling me how it is and you letting me see what I can’t see.”

Of the first Movie Memories event, Agnes said: “Today, for the time after all they years, my husband who has dementia as well, we experienced whisky galore –

“I’m going to get quite emotional here…

“He held my hand and it was like, ‘wow’. It was just ‘wow’. That is what it is.

“It’s the emotions, it’s enabling people to have that normal experience that we take for granted.”

Dementia friendly events in Scotland this winter