Watch: Four-year-old Kara tries out her new prosthetic hand

THANKS to the wonders of 3D printing, Kara Mcnair can now pick up, hold and grab things with her left hand for the first time in her life.

Kara, who turns five in July, has Amniotic Band Syndrome, causing her to have no fingers on her left hand.

The My Little Pony fan is determined to try and do things for herself.

The four-year-old’s father approached Handprints – eNABLE Scotland, a team of undergraduates at the University of Glasgow, who took the necessary measurements and got to work.

Several meetings and refittings later, the hand eventually fit Kara and worked for her. Her love of My Little Pony was incorporated into the prosthetic.

In the video, she is seen trying out her new prosthetic hand, and quickly gets the hang of it.

The important innovation will help Kara to be independent and it already seems to be putting a big smile on her face.

Kara (Finding your Feet)

Kara’s parents have said couldn’t be more proud of her attitude and the way she faces up to her challenges rather than giving up.

The four-year-old is a Junior Trooper for Finding Your Feet, a Glasgow-based charity which supports families affected by amputation or limb difference.

The organisation was set up by motivational speaker Corinne Hutton, whose incredible achievements include becoming first female quadruple amputee in history to conquer Ben Nevis and being chosen to carry the Commonwealth Games baton.

For more information about Handprints and their work, head to their Facebook page.


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