Walkers announce Brussels sprouts flavoured crisps as part of festive range

Another way of experiencing the controversial brussel sprouts this festive season. (Walkers)

LOVE them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are one of the staples of festive dinners.

And now the controversial veg has been given more festive privilege by being made into a crisp flavour by Walkers.

Brussels sprouts aren’t the only crisp-mas flavour being added to the mix, as Walkers launch turkey and stuffing, pigs in blankets, glazed ham and cheese and cranberry.

The range launched in supermarkets this week, with multi-packs of the festive snacks costing £1.50 and single bags 65p.

If you simply cannot bear sprouts in any form, there are a host of other festive flavours to choose from. (Walkers)

Andrew Hawkswell, Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, said: “Here at Walkers we know that Christmas isn’t Christmas without sprouts.

“Whether you grin or grimace at the sight of them, nothing divides the nation more at Christmas than a sprout, so we have created two Christmas Dinner multipacks, one for sprout lovers and one for haters to keep the peace this festive season.”

The range is available for a limited time only.

Iceland have also launched a festive crisp range, including Christmas tree flavour, and  Sainsbury’s are stocking festive tea flavours, including Brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets.