VIDEO: Watch live as Glasgow Science Centre send a Teacake into space

A Tunnocks Teacake has been launched into space (Glasgow Science Centre / Facebook)

GLASGOW Science Centre asked a question earlier this week… can you launch a Teacake into space?

Well now they’re finding out.

Terry the Teacake has been sent up into the sky from Houston – the Renfrewshire one – and is currently soaring to incredible new heights.

You can watch the video below – it’s quite a view up there!


A NATION WAITS.Terry The Teacake has finished his training. It’s time for Science Sam to send him out of this world 🚀🚀🚀We launch from Houston (Renfrewshire) as we seek the answer to the big question on Scotland’s lips… CAN YOU SEND A TEACAKE INTO SPACE? Watch now and find out!

Posted by Glasgow Science Centre on Friday, 13 October 2017


Dr Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive of Glasgow Science Centre, told Glasgow Live: 
“Space exploration and the wonders of the universe captures everyone’s imaginations.

“From those who grew up with the moon landings in the 70s through to the modern day explorations of Mars.

Glasgow Science – Can you send a teacake into space?

Glasgow Science is back and this time around Science Sam is asking if you can you send Scotland's favourite snack, the teacake, into space! 👨‍🚀We put Terry the Teacake through a rigorous astronaut training programme at Glasgow Science Centre to try gauge if low pressure, extremes of temperature, and the intense forces on his chocolate shell and delicious marshmallow centre, would be likely to cause him any grief before we actually send him upwards over Scotland!

Posted by Glasgow Science Centre on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

“The conditions on Terry’s launch day were perfect and the views as he climbs above Glasgow and beyond are incredible. I don’t want to give too much away, but Terry in space is something else- definitely a must watch at lunchtime on Friday.”