Turning a new LEAF

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The new Nissan LEAF is the next generation of the world’s best-selling zero-emissions electric vehicle.

More than 283,000 customers have chosen the first-generation LEAF since it went on sale in 2010 – and now this all-new model offers even greater range, improved dynamic design, class leading advanced driver assistance technologies and enhanced connectivity.

For some, the limited driving range between charges has been a sticking point when it comes to electric cars. But the brand new LEAF boasts a range of 235-miles from the standard model, giving drivers more confidence they can get from A to B on a single charge.

The car’s e-Pedal technology lets drivers accelerate and brake seamlessly using just one pedal while constantly regenerating energy. ProPILOT Park offers autonomous parking at the touch of a button.

And as the UK’s electric car charging infrastructure becomes more advanced, it’s becomes obviously much easier to make a case for cars like the LEAF. Quite a number of 50kW charging points are springing up in our cities and once you locate one of these, you’ll be able to regularly re-charge your car from empty to 80 per cent capacity in just 40 minutes.

As for domestic charging, Nissan now offers a 7.5Kw domestic charging point that will be able to fully charge the car from empty in five and a half hours – and you get one free when you buy a brand new LEAF. So you can put it on to charge when you go to bed and it’s ready for travelling the next morning.

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