Donald MacLeod: These Brexiteering rats are sadly not leaving a sinking ship. They’ll be right there when it finally goes under

Remy the rat from Disney’s Ratatouille is an unlikely Brexiteer but has whiskers in common with hardliners, says Donald MacLeod.

PROTESTERS in the Colombian Senate, enraged at the dishonest activities of former conservative president Alvaro Uribe, threw four live rodents on to the floor of the House during a judicial hearing on corruption this week.

A stunt which had many of the sleekit senators turning tail, shrieking in horror and scurrying over the benches for cover.

Meanwhile, our beleaguered PM, Theresa May, didn’t have to worry about a bag of rodents being tossed her way, not when she is surrounded by the biggest colony of deceitful ratbags to ever scamper through the corridors of Westminster.

With the amount of vitriol that’s been levelled at her, especially from her ain, I have to feel a modicum of sympathy, even slight admiration for her and the way she has doggedly fought her corner.

She was forced to do it again this week, beating off a midweek challenge to her fragile leadership by her Tory Brexit rebels, and eventually won her party’s humiliating vote of no confidence.

The fact that she did so with a less than convincing majority, and then only after she promised not to stand as party leader in the 2022 General Election was bad enough.

But the fact that this vote was called for at all, at such a pivotal moment in history, was beyond contempt.

Driven by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg this was a distraction that no one, especially the electorate, needed or wanted.

Surely the Brexit rebels knew that May would win?

This self-righteous lot of pompous Tory lemmings would rather they took their party over the edge of the Brexit abyss before they were to stop their pathetic in-fighting and instead start fighting, as one, for the UK.

Well there is no chance of that ever happening.

May remains in charge and the country remains in limbo. A Brexit groundhog day!

Quite frankly, she should never have been elevated to PM in the first place, she was clearly out of her depth.

The fact that she was speaks volumes about her party, who for political expediency put her in power and who now want her head.

There should be another vote of confidence, this time in the entire government.

It should be led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and he should seize the moment to unite the opposition, and call on the support of some Tory back-benchers. He will never have a better chance to call time on May and the Tory Rat Pack.

But I doubt he will until the prospect of a no deal scenario becomes reality, as he knows it’s the only way any ultra-left government will be allowed to carry out their extensive renationalisation program.

So it seems the UK is stuck between a rock and very hard place and, unless some strong leadership is shown, and a new direction agreed, it will aimlessly drift apart, eventually break up.

However, the good news is that all these rats may be left to drown on that sinking ship.