The Sunday Post View: Well done WASPIs, pensions cause was fair and just

WASPI protesters
WASPI protesters

THE WASPIs deserve congratulations and admiration.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality look set for victory in their fight – a majority of MPs seem set to vote in favour of forcing the Government to provide support for women who were given too little warning that the state pension age was to rise to 66.

The Government decided, in 1995, to raise the women’s retirement age from 60 to 65 for women born in 1950 or after.

But they didn’t write to those affected, telling them about this, until 2012 or 2013. Around 2.5 million women were taken by surprise and didn’t have adequate financial arrangements in place.

So, starting with just five ordinary women, the WASPI movement refused to accept this.

Their stance always had a ring of fairness about it.

Women forced to work longer close in on pensions victory

Their aims were clear. They did not want preferential treatment over men, they agreed the retirement age should be the same regardless of gender. And they did not ask for a return to a retirement age of 60 for women.

They only wanted the Government to create a bridging pension for those who weren’t prepared for the surprise change, which would provide an income until state pension age.

They also called for compensation for losses incurred by women who have already reached their SPA.

We are delighted that they now appear to have the support required to achieve this.

We admire the fact that they didn’t just shrug their shoulders and accept this. They mobilised an army of supporters and took on the power of Westminster.

They fought a hard fight, and looks like they’ll win. Well done.

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