The Sunday Post View: The best worst holiday you’ll have

Caravans (iStock)

A new generation of youngsters are discovering the delights of caravanning.

It has become cool.

Those of older generations remember shivering days, eating lukewarm baked beans, looking out the window to rain-lashed patches of grass in a place that could be referred to as “turn left after you reach the back of beyond”.

Their father would be telling them, in a mildly threatening way: “You’re having a great time. Aren’t you.”

But then, somehow, we also all remember playing in rock pools on a beach as the sun warmed our backs, and toasting marshmallows round a bonfire beneath a sky of a million stars.

Everyone deserves those experiences. It’s what makes you who you are.

There is no better way to holiday than seeing parts of Scotland you’ve never seen before – it is, after all, the most beautiful country on earth.

Cherished memories of caravan holidays – and now they’re more popular than ever