Strictly star Davood Ghadami’s house was haunted

Davood Ghadami, Nadiya Bychkova - (BBC, Guy Levy)
Davood Ghadami, Nadiya Bychkova - (BBC, Guy Levy)

STRICTY star Davood Ghadami told of his real-life haunting experience before last night’s Halloween special.

And the EastEnders actor said he used the spooky encounter as a spur for the dancing extravaganza.

“My parents live in a really old house which I now realise is haunted,” Davood, 35, told The Sunday Post prior to taking to the dance floor.

“I was staying over and was left alone one night. Despite there being no one in the house with me I saw a reflection of someone in the mirror.

“It made for a very interesting evening. From being absolutely convinced there was no such thing as ghosts, seeing something like that really made me think.

“I feel certain there was something else in that house with me. Our performance this week has a ghostly, spirit feel so why not use what happened? It’s a similar sort of thing.”

Davood, who plays market trader Kush in the BBC soap, was more scared about doing the notoriously difficult rumba along with pro partner Nadiya Bychkova, 28.

But he revealed that fellow Albert Square stars who have previously done Strictly have been proving invaluable as the pressure has been cranked up.

Jake Woods, Kellie Bright and Tameka Empson have all weighed in with their support.

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“Kellie and I have a sitdown every week,” confided Davood. “She’s been through it and knows the process. And having done it just last year Tameka’s even more recent and I speak to her most days.

“They know the difficult times and how every Monday and Tuesday you’re falling apart. Speaking to them is like therapy.”

Davood and Nadiya found themselves in the dance-off a couple of weeks back and Davood admits that having had one of their highest scores, it felt “untimely”.

But it has made him work doubly hard and try and enjoy every week as it may be the last.

He laughed off expectations about being the show’s heartthrob and said wife Isobel had regularly met sexy partner Nadiya.

While Isobel has been giving him total support he admitted that his daughters Eva and Grace, just five and two, had mixed loyalties.

“They’ve turned away from their daddy and are supporting Johnny Peacock,” laughed Davood. “They think he’s some kind of superhero and want to vote for him as much as they want to vote for me.

“And they get a bit embarrassed when their daddy comes on TV and go and hide behind the sofa.”

Ukranian beauty Nadiya has previously posed naked for Playboy but she says Strictly is more enjoyable.

“I’m proud of Playboy and I loved every picture I did, but that’s in the past,” said Nadiya.

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