Spain set to sizzle in scorching weather as holidaymakers warned temperatures in Europe could reach record breaking levels

HOLIDAYMAKERS jetting off to continental Europe in the coming days have been warned to expect sweltering conditions.

While warm temperatures are expected for this time of year, the latest heatwave could see the mercury soar to record levels this week.

In Spain and Portugal, the mercury could hit 45C, with The Met Office predicting that the highest temperature ever recorded on the continent, 48C, could even be topped.

The high temperatures are also expected to affect parts of France and Italy, but there’s a mixed picture for the UK.

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In the south of England there could be five days in a row with temperatures over 30C.

North of the border, however, temperatures aren’t likely to top the mid 20s with cloud and rain expected for most of the coming week.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Over the next few days there will be something of a north and south split – high pressure is already starting to build up in the south, bringing dry, fine and weather.”