Sian Gibson was delighted to reunited with Johnny Vegas for Agatha Christie spoof Death On The Tyne

Sian and Johnny in Death On The Tyne (UKTV)

IT seemed an unlikely idea, a bit of a spoof on an Agatha Christie classic with a very different British twist.

But last year’s Murder On The Blackpool Express – about a series of slayings on a coach trip to the seaside mecca – was a massive hit, pulling in the biggest-ever audience on Gold.

Now Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson are back with the ship-set Death On The Tyne, which gets a quick re-showing today after a screening last night. It will also be shown on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

And Sian, best-known for Peter Kay’s Car Share, insists it was nice to see characters Terry and Gemma reunited.

The comedy’s cast (UKTV)

“I adore Johnny and I made a great friend in him when we worked together last year, so I couldn’t wait to work with him again,” said Sian.

“A year on and Terry and Gemma are still going strong.

“Gemma is still putting Terry in his place – they’re like a modern-day Stan and Hilda Ogden.

“She’s doing all right. She managed to dodge being stabbed in the loos in Blackpool and then bagged a boyfriend at the end of it.

“Drapers Tours is still plodding along and hopefully she will come out of this trip alive.

“Gemma feels like she and Terry have got it covered this time around and Gemma is determined they will find the murderer.

“Last time, she was in denial, but this time she’s like a little Angela Lansbury and starts to spot the signs straight away.”


Obviously Car Share, with just the two of them in a car, is very different from a big cast, including Sue Johnston and James Fleet.

“They both have their moments and I can honestly say I enjoyed working on them both equally,” confides Sian.

“I’ve known Peter for years, so we are very comfortable together and have the same sense of humour, but with this ensemble cast it felt like every day was a school trip.”

But, with it having been such a big part of her life, does Sian hanker back to the Car Share days?

“I loved the whole Car Share process, from writing to filming.

“I do feel quite sad that it’s ended as I loved it, but I see Peter and the writer Paul Coleman all the time so I don’t have a chance to miss them.”

This will be a nice pre-Christmas rib-tickler and Sian will be getting right into the festive spirit.

“I am the Christmas Queen,” she laughs.

“For me, the festive season starts in November, with the Christmas songs, films, mince pies and mulled wine.”

Death On The Tyne, GOLD, tonight, 5.20pm