Seasons eatings: New research shows a quarter of Scots will scoff three or more Christmas dinners this year

DECEMBER is looming, and it seems the festive tastebuds are tingling.

New research has revealed that Scots love a Christmas dinner so much that a quarter will get stuck into three or more of them this December.

And across the UK as a whole, one in ten will eat no less than six!

The survey, commissioned by vegetarian brand Linda McCartney’s, also revealed the nature of the meal itself is changing, with more than a quarter of Scots having had a meat-free Christmas dinner before.

That’s above the UK average for swapping turkey and trimmings for a non-meat option of 21%, with 15% of Scots saying they’d happily go without a traditional turkey in the future.

While 98% of us eat a Christmas meal, 22% won’t actually sit down to one on Christmas day itself.

Many of us continue the festivities after the big day, with over a third (38%) having Christmas dinner on Boxing Day.