Scots want to holiday at a Club 18 to 30 Stone so I’m going to open one

Steven, Holly, Sandra, David, Dane, Alice, Adam and Ami bare their bodies on the beach (Spungold, Peter Gray)
Steven, Holly, Sandra, David, Dane, Alice, Adam and Ami bare their bodies on the beach (Spungold, Peter Gray)

A holiday entrepreneur is to set up a plus-size resort in Scotland.

James King, and his Scottish adviser Mel Cohen, have already created a unique retreat for larger people in the Bahamas.

Now James, 62, has been “inundated” with messages asking if he could build a “Club 18 to 30-stone” in Scotland.

The Bahamas-based businessman said: “Scotland has some of the most stunning scenery in the world, beautiful beaches and the most welcoming people.

“I’ve been inundated with messages asking if I could develop a plus-size resort in the UK, and I believe Scotland would be the ideal place.”

The entrepreneur, who developed his first resort on the idyllic, 100-mile-long Eleuthera island, has asked plus-size model and former beauty queen Mel, 49, from Glasgow, to search for locations.

He said: “I believe that not only will we attract UK-based visitors, but the fact that so many Americans, Canadians and Australians have family ties here means we will be a big draw there too.”

Mel, who turned her life around after deciding to embrace being curvy, said: “I know we can provide a wonderful place for people to relax and be themselves without fear of being judged.

Model and TV star Mel Cohen: ‘Everyone is beautiful. We just come in different sizes’

“I’m busy looking for the perfect place, close enough to an airport but accessible to the jaw-dropping scenery we have around us.

“Scotland is ideal. We might not have all-year-round sunshine but we have the ‘wow’ factor with our history and scenery.

“I’m convinced we could attract overseas visitors as well as guests from all over the UK looking for a weekend of pampering or a longer relaxing holiday.”

Mel acted as an adviser to James as he set up his Bahamas resort, which features in an ITV programme, to be broadcast on October 24, and mentored guests as they holidayed on the island.

Specially-designed furniture, bedrooms and bathrooms cater for large sizes, and guests are encouraged to be themselves without feeling self-conscious.

Mel said: “I know only too well how awful plus-size men and women are made to feel in this image-obsessed world we live in.

“Body shaming is cruel and the damage it can do to someone’s confidence is hard to overcome.

“I’ve met plus-size holidaymakers who wouldn’t come out of their bedroom because they felt so intimidated.

“We aim to make all of that a thing of the past and create a warm supportive atmosphere where our guests can just be themselves.”

After a lifetime in the travel business, James reckons larger guests are ignored by mainstream firms.

He said: “It’s unfair nobody caters for plus sizes, even though almost half of all holiday couples have a plus-size partner.”