Scone Spy: Tayport’s Harbour Cafe gets high praise from our cafe critic

The Harbour Cafe, Tayport (Tina Norris)

A FRIEND gets in touch. “If you’re in the area, give me a shout and I’ll take you to scone heaven,” she says.

Well, I’m not sure if that’s a challenge or an invitation.

Whatever it may be, I’m on my way before you can say, “Jam and cream”.

She takes me to the lovely Fife village of Tayport. The Harbour Cafe is down by the harbour – I know, I was surprised, too – and it’s a lovely wee place.

It’s a community enterprise, run by locals, for locals and visitors like me who discover it.

We’re there in the morning and it’s already busy.

Breakfast is the way to go, so I have scrambled eggs on toast and a big pot of tea to myself.

I’m just in a devilish kind of mood.

You’d think you can’t go wrong with a simple dish.

You’d be mistaken. I’ve had enough rubbery scrambled eggs in my time to know that they’re as easy to get wrong as to get right.

Happily, this isn’t the case here. They’re cooked to perfection and, along with the toast, make a perfect start to the day.

We linger, enjoying the view of the harbour and the comings and goings.

Actually, there aren’t very many comings and goings. A dog walker here, two women chatting there. And the silvery Tay just beyond.

That’s about it.

The Harbour Cafe, Tayport (Tina Norris)

Not all of the tables have such pretty views – but the staff tell us you can actually book one of your choice. Lovely idea.

There’s also a bonny selection of pictures by St Andrews photographers on the walls.

Whenever I go to one of these lovely wee cafes which has paintings and photographs for sale, I’m always tempted to buy something.

But I’m quickly distracted by the prospect of a scone.

It’s one I don’t think I’ve had for a good while – fruit and nut.

What a time to be alive.

Because I’m in such a devilish mood, I order a chocolate minty traybake thing, too.

I’ve no idea exactly what it’s called but I’m too busy enjoying it to ask.

Just ask for the chocolate minty traybake thing and I’m sure that will be enough.

The Harbour Cafe, Tayport (Tina Norris)

We linger over another pot of tea – you can never get too much of a good thing – before reluctantly leaving.

It’s no surprise it’s so busy. Locals love this place, but so do walkers strolling the Fife Coastal Path.

When we leave, my chum stops to gaze around and gets a glaikit look on her face.

Not that unusual but I ask her what she’s thinking.

She tells me she’s remembering her younger days, when weekends were spent in the nearby pub.

Then, it was all about getting drunk and being wild.

Now, the wildest it gets is a second pot of tea and a bit too much jam on our scones.

Changed days, indeed.





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