Scone Spy: Past masters with a serving of cheeriness at Alnmouth’s Village Tearoom

There’s nothing like a good walk for working up an appetite. And, boy, had it been a good walk.

That’s the thing about Northumberland, a handy spot for a little hop across the border.

There’s a lot of it.

It might be tucked away in the top-most corner of England, but it takes quite a bit of tucking as it’s big, pretty empty and, well, very pretty.

Alnmouth is one of those little villages that restores your faith in little villages…solid and traditional and with the look of not much having changed for many a year.

There are a handful of pubs, a smattering of restaurants, and a few independent shops in a main street full of stone buildings.

Pretty as a picture. So, too, is the wide and wonderful beach, with its fine white sands just inviting you to stretch the legs.

It was an invitation too good to pass up but it was so tempting that it was a little bit longer of a wander than intended.

By the time I’d got back, a little bit of a rumble in the tummy had turned into a full-scale earthquake. So the Village Tearoom was a more than welcome sight.

It could scarcely look more olde worlde traditional if it tried. And inside the look was just as welcome a step into the past.

There were low beams and thick walls, with the period feel only added to by the big black range at the far end.

“There’s a free table over there,” said the friendly waitress, pointing to the table directly beside it.

“We’ve been full ever since we opened the doors this morning,” she smiled.

It was typical of the cheery demeanour of the other waiting staff, too. The Village Tearoom is the sort of place that makes everyone feel really welcome and at home.

After that right good stretch of the legs it was good to grab a seat and peruse the options. The menu included quiche, corned beef pie, hot beef stottie and crab sandwiches.

My dining companion and I liked the look of the toasted sandwiches. Both the tuna and red onion and the cheese and ham were delicious and came with a nice salad and crisps.

The scone was certainly worth saving a bit of room for.

It came warmed – the waitress had asked if we wanted to hold off until we’d had the sandwiches to get the best of it – and was served with big dollops of butter, jam and clotted cream.

Finally back out in the main street (with a slice of chocolate cake to go in case hunger struck once more!) it was time to put my best foot forward again after a lovely step into the past.

Village Tearoom, Northumberland Street, Alnmouth


Despite being busy, the staff were smiley and super-efficient. 9/10


Slapbang in the middle of the main street, handy for everything. 8/10


Warm, filling and fruit-packed. 9/10