Scone Spy has high scores all round for Hazel’s Butterfly Bakery, Uddingston

Butterfly Bakery (Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

CALL me old-fashioned, but I just love flicking through old photo albums.

Remember the days before digital when you had to put a spool in an old camera and had to wind it on?

And you actually got your photographs developed?

Nowadays, everyone snaps and saves on their iPads and phones.

But, in my book, the old ways were the best – and that’s one of the things I love about Hazel’s Butterfly Bakery.

Glancing at one of the walls, I notice a collage of a woman, with photos of her through the ages.

In one, she’s just a wee girl, sitting on Santa’s knee. In another, she looks like she’s on a night out with a friend.

There are also pics of cakes for special occasions, from christenings to one in the shape of a princess castle.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

Hazel – who owns this place – used to make celebration cakes for parties.Then one day, decided she wanted to bring her baking brilliance to the public every day, so opened her own café.

And her customers couldn’t be more delighted.

It’s lunchtime on a weekday and the place is packed – always a good sign.

While homely and traditional with farmhouse-style wooden tables and chairs, it’s light and bright. The chandelier lights, vintage effect mirrors and little butterflies on the wall add a modern touch.A friendly waitress comes to take our order – and it’s none other than Hazel herself.

The menu is great. Plenty of choice, but not too much.

We plump for the minestrone soup and BLT sandwich combo and full Scottish breakfast – which is served all day long!

The soup was perfectly chunky and on par with the version my granny used to make. It came with a little dish of parmesan to sprinkle on top which really hit the spot.

Breakfast got the thumbs up from across the table, especially the ‘dippy’ fried egg, perfect for dunking your toast!

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

The pot of tea served with chintzy china cup and saucer and floral milk jug is a nice touch.

As the lovely Hazel clears our plates away, we turn our attention to the glass cabinet full of cakes and bakes.

The Victoria and chocolate orange sponges look phenomenal, as do the scones.

I wonder if I have room but that’s the thing about spying scones in a place owned by a baker, you HAVE to have one.Not only is it huge (we end up having to share!) but amazing.

Firm on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside. The lashings of real old-school butter and strawberry jam just add to the flavour.

It’s everything I thought it would be.

If only I had room left to try one of the sponges as well.

There’s always next time and I’ll most certainly be back.

And next time, I’ll be sure to snap a picture of my scone, for the social media memory book of course!

Hazel’s Butterfly Bakery, Main St, Uddingston


Warm welcome 9/10

Location, location 9/10

Scone score 9/10