Scone Spy: Charming Kenmore cafe is sure to float your Paper Boat

It’s only after you grow up and face a life of responsibility that you realise how carefree and innocent your childhood was.Simple pleasures like building sandcastles, riding a bike and flying a kite brought so much joy.

As a kid, I loved nothing more than ripping a page out of notebook, making a paper boat and sailing it out to sea.

And, as I sit on the terrace watching the sun glisten on the water, the memories come flooding back.

I’m at the aptly named Paper Boat on the banks of Loch Tay, a quaint little café – and the perfect pit stop for a scone.

From the outside, it looks like a big, grey shed, but step inside and you’re transported into a cosy bolthole.

Inspired by the owners’ Scandinavian/Scottish backgrounds, there’s a log burner surrounded by a cosy mismatch of chairs and sofas – each bought secondhand and lovingly sanded, painted and waxed to reinforce the café’s commitment to saving the environment.

The picturesque windows lining the back wall boast beautiful pot plants – and some of the most amazing views Highland Perthshire has to offer.

And, if guests ever tire of staring out into the distance, there’s a box full of old toys and board games to entertain.

But the piece de resistance is the decking area out back. Situated on the banks of the loch, it has its own little pebble beach, the perfect spot to sit and soak up the stunning scenery.

Sadly the tables are full, but we spot picnic blankets and scatter cushions on the nearby grass and plonk ourselves down. Perfect if we need a lie down later!

A waitress brings us a menu. It’s simple, but every dish has us licking our lips.

From French toast to filled pies and sandwiches, it’s a tough choice but we plump for the BLT with added avocado and Grown Up Fish Finger Sandwich – a fond memory from my younger years.

Coated in ketchup, it goes down a treat, washed down with an old-school cloudy lemonade. Just like old times.

For afters, we scan the selection of cakes on the counter. There’s biscuits, banana loaf, brownies and cake.

My fellow diners try out the white rocky road and empire biscuits for size. Both are reportedly delicious.

I opt for a scone, a cheese one.

It was soft in the middle, with a slight golden crunch to the outside.

The taste of fresh rosemary through the scone was a nice touch, but the star of the show was the sweet, tangy Ballintaggart Taybank chutney, which brought the whole thing together. And a generous slice of soft Mull Cheddar on the side was a nice Brucie Bonus!

And it’s right about now that I couldn’t be happier to be horizontal.

I lie for a few minutes, looking at the shapes in the clouds. I feel like a big kid again.

As our cheery waitress arrives with the bill, I pop some cash on the tray and lift the receipt. It’s just about the right size for a paper boat. And I can’t think of a better way to spend this sunny afternoon…

The Paper Boat, Pier Road, Kenmore


Warm and friendly. The staff were really great. 9/10


Couldn’t have picked a more scenic spot if we tried. The glorious sunshine was an added bonus. 9/10


Probably the best cheese scone I’ve tasted both in terms of taste and presentation. 10/10