Scone Spy: A cosy and homely haven with delicious cakes… what’s not to love about Edinburgh cafe Loudons?

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

THE slogan on the waitress’s T-shirt certainly raises a smile.

“A house is not beautiful because of its walls, but because of its cakes.”

If this is true, my house must be on par with chez Beckham because you can always be sure there are plenty cakes in the cupboard. As you know, Scone Spy loves nothing more than a day out of the office – to scoff scones, of course – and today’s travels have brought me and my rumbling tummy to Loudons, a lovely wee eatery in the heart of Edinburgh.

The hustle and bustle of the city breezes seemingly unheard past the huge glass windows – probably something to do with the secret sound-reducing panels and extra-thick glass.

But inside, it’s just as busy.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

The clinking of china fills the air, along with the pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

And chatter…loads of it.

There’s such a mix of clientele, from families to students and tourists, and a couple of full-blown business meetings.

It seems everyone loves Loudons.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

And what’s not to love, from the sumptuous sponges peeking out under glass domes to the shelving units scattered with old books about tea? It’s a big space, but somehow cosy and homely – and a tranquil haven on a wet and windy day.

All baking is done on site, from bread and baguettes to pizza and pastries, and the all-important scones, of course. And I can’t wait to try one. But only after breakfast.

The menu goes from basic to, well, a wee bit bizarre.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

You can have your tea blended with fresh rose petals. And there’s also a stack of superfood pancakes – topped with beetroot, spinach, red onion, garlic and chilli layered with red pepper muhammara and topped with toasted flaked almonds, vegan turmeric sour cream, watercress and herb oil…all a bit too hipster for me.

I settle on plain old scrambled eggs on toast, and it’s amazing.

Huge doorstep slices of homemade bread with lashings of real butter, fluffy creamy eggs and some fresh cherry tomatoes on the side. Very refreshing.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

The coffee is hot – and smooth.

And the coconut hot chocolate is certainly different.

But the scone? Heaven on a plate. I snub the savoury cheese and chive and plump for a traditional fruit one.

Just like the bread, it’s huge and served with butter and a wee pot of jam on the side.

(Chris Austin / DC Thomson)

And it’s delicious. Crumbly on the outside and velvety soft on the inside.

Give the baker a gold star.

As I waddle out of the door, full as a puggy, another T-shirt catches my eye…“I live on good soup, not fine words”.

I’m already planning a return trip for lunch.