Sandwiches at Scots hospital supplied by food firm linked to death of five patients

The sandwich brand at the centre of the listeria scare
The sandwich brand at the centre of the listeria scare

A Scottish hospital was supplied with sandwiches from a catering company linked to a listeria outbreak in England which has left five people dead.

An investigation was launched and Scottish hospitals put on alert after the first cases were discovered last week.

Now Food Standards Scotland has confirmed the Good Food Chain did distribute sandwiches and salads in Scotland and some reached a Scottish hospital.

However the quango refused to reveal which hospital, claiming they do not want to cause alarm.

Health Protection Scotland also declined to disclose the name of the hospital.

There are no listeria cases in Scotland but it can take 70 days from exposure to the bacteria before signs of the illness appear.

It can cause life-threatening infections to patients with compromised immune systems and pregnant women.

Public Health England announced yesterday that there has been nine cases in hospitals south of the border, and five patients have died.

A spokeswoman for Food Standards Scotland (FSS) said: “Some products from the Good Food Chain (GFC) were distributed in Scotland.”

The products have since been withdrawn, according to the FSS spokeswoman, and “food chain investigations continue”.

But the FSS spokeswoman refused to reveal which hospital received the sandwiches.

She said: “One hospital in Scotland was supplied with sandwiches. These were recalled on May 27 and there are still no cases in Scotland.”

GFC had been supplied with meat produced by North Country Cooked Meats, which produced a positive test result for listeria. The company is closed and GFC has ceased production.

GFC supplied 43 NHS trusts and shops across the UK.

A review of NHS food has been ordered by the UK Government Health Secretary Matt Hancock.